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Sphera EC - Forbo

Sphera EC - Forbo

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Sphera EC is a homogeneous vinyl flooring with electrostatic conductive properties. To ensure consistent, reliable performance, carbon black chips have been added. The marbled design chips soften the appearance and provides an authentic look. The 13 colors have an easy to clean and mat surface thanks to the clean Sabbia embossing structure.

Gauge: 2.0 mm (0.080")

Size: 79" (2 m) 85'

62 SQ Yds.

330 LBS

(Range of Resistance: 5 x 104 to 1 x 106 ) stocked color: white - all other colors are non-stock (requires grounding strap for ESD purposes)

Why choose Sphera EC homogeneous conductive vinyl:
• The SMART control top resists stains and scratches
• No need for conductive adhesive underneath the full sheet, only to affix the copper strip
• Performing regardless the humidity level of the area
• Produced in a zero waste environment
• Sheet format requires less welding, ensuring the highest hygienic properties
• Extremely low emissions and outgassing
• Permanent dissipative properties which comply with all ESD standards

Below colors are stock, all other colors are non-stock:
EC 450000 white

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